GEICO turbocharges insurance innovation with Microsoft Azure

In this new clip, Everlasting Fairytale Translators and Interpreters shows you how auto insurance giant GEICO is adopting a DevOps strategy and transitioning development to Microsoft Azure. With the Microsoft technology stack and ecosystem behind it, GEICO is moving to the cloud with a focus on greater efficiency, superior application availability and lower costs.

5 Strategies for Moving your Business to the Cloud

When a small company finds itself growing, it often faces serious challenges in maintaining an IT infrastructure capable of keeping up with the rest of the business. Leveraging cloud implementations can provide huge benefits to companies facing these challenges. Here are five strategies for moving your business to the cloud.

Broadclyst School - Surface Hub teamworking

This week, Everlasting Fairytale Translators and Interpreters takes a look at how the Microsoft Surface Hub and #Office365 help student teams at the Broadclyst School usher their innovative ideas to market in the Global Enterprise Challenge. With Microsoft tools supporting the process from start to finish, the Enterprise Challenge provides more than an engaging learning experience for Broadclyst students; it helps them develop skills they'll need in life.

Today's Innovative Businesses: Focusing on What Matters Most - Infographic

The ability to automate business processes with Office 365 frees you from spending time doing mundane and recurring tasks. Microsoft Forms lets you collect data faster than before, and Microsoft Flow lets you create automated processes to make use of it. With intelligence and productivity at its core, Office 365 gives you the insights and assistance to do your best work.

6 Reasons Your Company Needs a Chief Productivity Officer

Today's IT roles go beyond traditional management, allowing little time to evaluate your company's existing productivity tools and leaving your organisation vulnerable to more advanced competition. The solution? Bring on a dedicated Chief Productivity Officer who is focused on the latest cloud technology to analyse the small data and increase your business's competitive edge.

Today's Innovative Businesses: Focusing on What Matters Most - Infographic

Innovation is the name of the game today. Why let redundant, repetitive tasks stand in the way when #Office365 provides business-process automation to handle them for you? Microsoft Forms lets your customers gather valuable information through surveys, quizzes and polls. With Microsoft Flow, they can create automated workflows between apps and services. #Office365 has intelligence at its core to deliver the insights and assistance that help your customers do their best work.

Build forms from scratch and handle responses with Microsoft Forms

There are only so many hours in a day. That's why our customers use Microsoft Forms and Flow to automate tasks between apps and services. Microsoft Forms is a part of Office 365 Education that allows teachers and students to quickly and easily create custom quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, registrations and more. Microsoft Flow works by letting your apps talk to each other. Using Microsoft Forms and Flow saves time, so teachers can do more of what they love to do -- teach. Download this guide to see how Microsoft Flow can help you optimise!

Broadclyst School - Online dining

In this clip, Everlasting Fairytale Translators and Interpreters learns how Office 365 with Microsoft Forms supports high-tech consensus building in Broadclyst School's dining hall. By entering immediate feedback into a Forms survey after each meal, students provide data for Forms to analyse and deliver results that inform kitchen food orders and menu design. Contact us -- we'll show you how Office 365 with Forms can help satisfy stakeholder appetites in your organisation.

Indivior Creates Cures with Office 365

Indivior envisions curing addiction. New medicine and new treatments require the collaboration of a lot of people and the collection of a lot of data. To handle the demands of connectivity and productivity, Indivior utilises Office 365 for its cornerstone applications. The Office 365 suite offers the functionality they wanted for their users, as well as the capabilities to handle the immense amounts of data required for their data- and document-heavy industry.

Going global with learning projects and finding the right tool to help

'Digital collaboration and co-creation are must-have skills in today's global economy.' Read how one educator uses Microsoft tools, such as Microsoft Forms, Skype in the Classroom and Sway, to help students develop 21st-century skills and work together anytime, anywhere. The right technology can provide the opportunity to break common barriers to global collaboration, such as language, distance and resources. This post was originally posted on